Data Visualization: word cloud experiments

This is a word cloud generated from a PDF discussing the book The Art of Collaboration: Poets, Artists, Books. I chose to represent this word cloud with the icon of a book for, well, obvious reasons – I also wanted to experiment with how the word cloud would look with in circular shape so I tried that with the earth icon. The colors were chosen fairly arbitrarily because I struggled to think of meaningful reasoning behind color choice for this particular word cloud, though I do see how it could be useful or more important for other word clouds using different data sources. Overall, I think this is a somewhat successful word cloud but in a really narrow way: I was interested in this book’s title and wanted to use a word cloud to see if this 12 page synopsis of the book would reveal how closely aligned the book is to my own research. So for that very specific purpose, the word cloud was a quick and easy way for me to decide that I would like to grab this book from the library and take the time to read it!

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